Next week in “A Great Sun”… Maxime stole a large sum of money to OIC by using Manon; Victor wrong Mary Adele; the investigation on the assault of which he was a witness the doctor Alphand is experiencing a rebound brutal. Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episodes of such A Great Sun announced next week on France 2 ! Manon will she sacrifice her life for love ? Manon understands that Maxime was trapped when she learns that five-hundred thousand euros have been diverted from the society of his grand-mother Elizabeth, instead of the 30 000 € that it should unlock a bank account that she had reserved him to his majority. She asks him to return the money, but Maxim makes him believe that the sum will be used to pay the documents for their departure abroad as well as to buy the silence of his ex, otherwise she will send out a sex-tape of Manon and her parents. Of course, it was all orchestrated, and intends to use the money to disappear in Thailand. But he can’t help but think of Alice… Encouraged by Lucille, she decided to be frank with him : she likes him and she wants to review. Their attraction is mutual, but Maxim confesses to him that they can no longer see because it is already in a relationship with someone, and his life will be destroyed if it breaks… Arthur, worried about the strange behavior of her sister, who does not entrust to him the more his problems, to talk to their parents. A reversal of the situation to the doctor Alphand at the hospital, the doctor Alphand recognizes the perpetrator of Burel in the hallways. He stops time as he prepares to stab again Burel, but he accidentally kills by defending. Cecile accuses Manu of tormenting her husband in the interrogation when he is upset to have caused the death of a young man. In front of the suffering of her husband, the judge feels guilty of having entrenu an affair with Manu. It is a discovery of size in the investigation on the aggressor of Burel : this one had a young sister who was escort, died of a drug overdose in a hotel where she was to find a mysterious client… Manu is convinced that it was Burel : her assailant was looking for revenge. He did not tell them the whole truth, and hid a weapon in his hospital room to protect… Bilal and Victor crossing the boundaries The sleep of Bilal is troubled by recurring nightmares, while the absence of Simon it weighs. It tries to change the ideas by spending time with Davia. One evening, having drunk too much, he lets himself be hugged by her and they sleep together. He regrets it as soon as you have let things slip the next day for the sole purpose of not to hurt her. It still fails to open up to it and continues to claim that her ex was a woman… Victor wrong Marie with Adele, but is immediately in a fit of remorse. Enric tries to reason with him so that he does not jeopardize his marriage for an adventure without following day. It cuts abruptly the bridges with her, but their attraction is stronger. He started to lie to Mary…

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